When faced with so many options for anti-ageing  skin treatments, how do you know which to choose? The simplest way is to talk to a skin care professional . They should recommend treatments and products for  you based on your medical history, skin concerns and skin goals. At Bliss, we have a range  of  skin treatments that range from non -invasive facials to inject-able problem solvers but very often a combination of the two give the best results. In this blog I will explain the top 6 treatments to choose from that will deliver results for skins that are  already showing signs of  both genetic and environmentally accelerated ageing.

  1. Skin peels – these address the texture of the skin and will treat all signs of  surface  skin ageing from pigmentation to wrinkles. The peels will reduce the build up of dead skin cells that dull the appearance of the epidermis but also increase the collagen production in the dermis thus making the skin thicker. It is often a concern to clients that the skin will become thinner! In fact the opposite is true because whilst the dead epidermal skin cells are removed, the dermis will increase in volume which is the ideal. Lactic acid will reduce melanin in the skin thus helping to reduce uneven pigmentation when a course of peels is carried out whilst glycolic acid will address skin wrinkles by stimulating cell renewal and collagen production. Peels are by far the the best way to immediately improve overall skin condition.
  2. Micro needling- a process during which the skin is ‘damaged’ superficially using a very controlled device which uses 12 micro needles to puncture the skin. When the skin is injured, the healing process is triggered and as a result, the fibroblast activity is triggered to lay down fresh collagen . As we age we produce less collagen and the density of the skin mattress is reduced causing dips and lines. Micro needling  is the ultimate treatment to encourage your skin to behave as it did when it was younger , naturally using your skin’s own ability to heal. Downtime and needles are  the aspect of this treatment  that puts clients off but in most cases redness disappears within a few hours and the process is completely painless as  numbing cream is applied before the process. A course of 3 is recommended 6 weeks apart and results can last 8-12 months.
  3. LED light therapy- this is a totally non-invasive collagen inducing light treatment which speeds up healing and helps regenerate the skin. On it’s own, it is a very relaxing calming skin therapy  that will achieve  results when carried out regularly and in particular following a course of weekly sessions but it is most useful when combined with  peels and or micro needling. It helps brighten dull skin and even out mild pigmentation concerns. The light is completely safe LED infra-red using low level wavelengths that reach the dermis approx 5mm below the skin surface.
  4. Profhilo – this is carried out by an aesthetic practitioner as it is an in-jectable  hyaluronic acid  product that is placed via a needle under the dermis to infuse the skin with added moisture. As we age, we produce less natural hyaluronic acid and as a result our skins look less fresh and hydrated so its a great way to add some plumpness when all other more surface treatments and topical treatments are not enough. Acourse of 3 is reccommended 4 weeks apart for optimum results.
  5. WRINKLE reduction injections ( BOTOX) – sometimes lines and wrinkles are caused over time due to dynamic movement of muscles, typically frown lines and crows feet around the eyes. The constant facial movements etch lines into the skin which become permanent. For these types of wrinkles, Botox is the best and sometimes only ‘cure’ as the drug freezes or paralyses the muscles temporarily thus stopping the wrinkle forming movements. It can last 3-12 months depending on depth and age of lines
  6. DERMAL FILLER – fillers are available in different thicknesses depending on the area treated. Very popular to volumise thin lips and can last in the skin 3-6 months. The filler is made of thicker hyaluronic acid so the skin accepts and absorbs it naturallyand gradually absorbing it until there is none ‘visible’. As we age the whole facial structure changes with reduced bone support, fat support and moisture loss so fillers are the final ‘icing of the cake’ procedure .It can also  be used to fill  deeper lines, contour the jawline and increase cheekbones.

One very important thing to remember is that in-jectable treatments are not a miracle treatments and it is vital that the skin is well looked after with less invasive treatments first such as  facials ,peels and micro-needling coupled with topical daily skincare. This is what we call the ‘baking of the cake’, making sure all the ingredients in it create a well risen, balanced cake first. Then to fill any imperfections , you have in-jectable treatments to ‘ice the cake’  for a smooth perfect result.