Project Description

Body treatments

Using either Dermalogica or Guinot specific Body products, our body treatments are designed to soothe, smooth and relax the body contours leaving you refreshed, toned and serene.


Exfoliating Body scrub

45 Minutes

Therapist £35     Senior Therapist £35

Smooth away rough flaky or dry, devitalised skin from an area that is often neglected, restoring vital nutrients to tired dull skin. Ideal before a massage and perfect before sunbathing on holiday or spray tanning.

Back therapy treatment

45 Minutes

Therapist £35     Senior Therapist £35

Take a load off your back with our thorough treatment to reduce tension and stress whilst purifying your skin. A deep cleanse and exfoliation is followed by aromatherapy massage and mask to detoxify and relax.

Swedish massage

The basis of all massage-this technique relieves muscular tension and relaxes you from head to toe. Choose from a 1 hour full body, 40 minute body massage focusing on your areas of concerns or a focused back, neck and shoulder massage.

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes

Therapist £30     Senior Therapist £35