Project Description

Guinot Facials and Body Treatments

Long established Guinot Paris is the epitome of therapeutic beauty.
Life-long beauty begins with a Guinot treatment combining the finest plant extracts and the traditions  of French skincare .



Exclusive antiaging method

45 minutes

Therapist £55    Senior Therapist £60

that treats problems affecting the eye contour including wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

For best results a course is recommended:

Course of 4 from £180 one per week for one month.


60 minutes

Therapist £60     Senior Therapist £65

A superior facial with an international reputation using a galvanic current to deeply treat specific concerns with plant infused ionizble gels  and high frequency to regenerate and purify.
A monthly treatment is reccommended for optimum results keeping skin healthy , hydrated and smooth. The therapist will customize the treatment for all skin types; Oily, dehydrated, Mature, sensitive or pigmented.