Project Description

Silhouette non surgical face lift

Dermalift is a world acclaimmed treatment usisng a micro-current to gently re-educate the muscles of the face and neck without contractions  lifting and firming the facial contours and giving the muscles a youthful work out! A course of 6 -10 treatments is necessary to lock in the results followed by a 4-6 weekly maintenance treatment.



Individual treatment

Therapist £50     Senior Therapist £55

Course of 10

Therapist £405     Senior Therapist £495

Dermalift eye

Individual Treatment

Therapist £25     Senior Therapist £28

Course of 6

Therapist £125     Senior Therapist £138

A specific tightening, toning and lifting micro current treatment to treat sagging muscles around this delicate area. A course or 6 – 10 treatments is highly recommended. 

Dermalift Jowl

Individual treatment

Therapist £30     Senior Therapist £33

course of 6

Therapist £150     Senior Therapist £165

 A specific jowl firming and toning treatment, after a course of full face Dermalift has been completed, if your specific area of concern is a drooping and sagging jowl.

It can also be recommended as a booster treatment to this area either as an individual treatment or as a course or 6-10

Luxury Dermalift

Therapist £55     Senior Therapist £60

The Dermalift maintenance treatment is further enhanced to treat and prevent signs of skin aging with bio active collagen ampoules, a collagen Dermafusion mask and a fruit AHA peel  for optimum hydration, skin firming and smoothness.

This is the ideal Dermalift maintenance treatment after a course of 10 especially if it is your only monthly facial treatment.  

Dermafusion Facial

Therapist £50     Senior Therapist £55

A microcurrent treatment that infuses active ionisable ingredients directly into the skin to treat specific concerns commencing with an AHA peel and finishing with intensive mask therapy,  containing specific interactive formulae which alleviate a variety of universal skin conditions and needs. 

The mask is 100% active and will deliver fast and effective results whilst boosting the skins natural ability to fight the signs of ageing,  leaving a radiant and fresher skin condition with improved elasticity and a youthful glow.